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December 14, 2020by admin0

So 2020 is coming to an end and what a year it has been! I thought I would share some of my secrets that I have picked up over the year whilst designing and implementing the designs for planting ideas. Landscaping, fencing and garden design in Kidderminster and the surrounding areas has been busier than ever this year and I expect 2021 to be the same, so if your considering any work in the garden next year, this post may come in useful.

Small can be beautiful

Include airy perennials and self-seeding annuals such as poppies or trailing geranium that will thread through your boarder and garden. The small flowers, gently repeating, will make it look soft and natural.

Planting can be too safe

If you’re using a restrained colour palette,such as purple, blue and white, consider adding a little jolt of something that doesn’t belong, like orange.

Give plants exposure

Make a shrub or small tree into a feature by ‘legging it up’ – example, cutting off the lower twigs and foliage to expose the sculptural qualities of the stems. This works well with dense varieties such as camellia.


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